I use Business Manager, can I use it also inside UpLive?

Of course you can! UpLive use the power of Business Manager to let your team publish only on the pages they are allowed to. To explain how UpLive works for a team using Business Manager, let's do an example. Inside a team there are 2 people: Paul and John.
  • Paul can publish on page A, B, C and D (so all the pages)
  • John is the new guy in the office, and he can publish only on page D.
John is looking for a tool to manage LIVE streaming and ... he finds UpLive! Good job John. So he makes a test and he's able to publish his first LIVE on page D. Immediately he tells Paul he found the right solution, and Paul tested it too, with the same account of UpLive John has just created. To use the same account, John created an account with the email of the company and a password that shares with Paul. Paul was able to publish on Page B, so he tells John <<hey John, we need a new LIVE on page B, can you create it? I have just made one on the same Page and it works!>>. So John creates it but when he tries to publish ... he cannot publish on page B. In fact, inside UpLive, he's able to see only page D. This is because he has no permission for publishing on page B! So Paul grants him the permission to publish on page B inside Business Manager and ... here we are! Now John can publish also on Page B. Basically the rule is simple: Where you can publish on Facebook is where you can publish with UpLive. Grant all the permissions with Business Manager and you'll find the same permissions here. There's no needing to "connect a Business account", since you'll find all your pages, also those of Business account, during the process of publishing a LIVE.