How long can be a Live Event on Facebook?

A Facebook Live Event can be as long as you wish: from 1 minute to hundreds of hours. Just remember that, if your LIVE is longer than 4 hours, when it ends Facebook won't keep it as a video. Don't worry: all our plugins will create a final report for you. If it's less than 4 hours long, it will be saved by Facebook as a Video. Through your Streaming List section, you'll be able to extend the duration of LIVE event. This has a few limitations and rules:
  • if you started a LIVE shorter than 4 hours, then you won't be to extend for more than 4 hours
  • if you started a LIVE longer than 4 hours, you will still be able to change the LIVE duration but even if you reduce under 4 hours, Facebook won't keep it as a video.
In case you choose the Manual Publication (we suggest you to use the Automatic Publication), you need to remind that if you plan to do a Facebook Live Streaming of 4 hours or longer, when you create the Live Event you need to click “This video is a continuous live video” inside the “Advanced” tab and flag. This means that at the end of the Live Event, the video won’t be anymore available. Inside your UpLive account you will find the final result image that you can get from your project dashboard.