How does it work?

When you decide to use our Referral program, you can choose to be rewarded in two different ways:
  • Cash: for every purchase your users will do, you'll get 10% of what they spend. This is valid during the first year of your users inside UpLive.
  • Minutes: you will get 300 minutes every time one of your users will purchase any of our package. This is only at their first purchase.
If you decide to be Rewarded with Cash, you'll be able to get what you have earned every time you collect an amount of 10€ or more. You can request it inside your personal profile, and will be paid in 24 hours (if request through PayPal) or 5 working days if you request a Wire Transfer. If you decide to be Rewarded with Minutes, they'll be immediately available to your account. This is valid for purchase of minutes. If, instead, one of your users will purchase a Subscription, this is how you will be rewarded:
  • For Monthly subscriptions, you will get the 10% on his first 3 renewals
  • For Multi-months subscriptions (that are 6-months or 1-year renewal), you will get the 5% only on their first purchase