How do I Manually create a Live Post on Facebook?

This method has to been used only by expert users. Anyone else has to follow the automatic flow, that we strongly recommend. The result of Automatic procedure it's exactly the same, but will make everything smoother. First of all, you need to have a Facebook Page. To find out how to create a Facebook page, you can follow this guide. If you have a Facebook page, make sure you are Administrator or Editor of that Page. Inside your Facebook Page, click on “Publishing Tools” on the top right of the Page, then click “Videos” in the left menu. Here just click on “+ Live” button on the top right of the Videos List. This is where you can find the link you need to create a LIVE Streaming on our platform. The URL you need is what’s called “Server or Stream URL” under the “Single Field” label.
Copy and past that link once it’s required by our step-by-step Streaming creation procedure and click "Save".
Once you see the request for the Post URL inside UpLive, go back to Facebook and click “Next”, so that you’ll be able to see the Live event streaming preview. If it tells you’re offline, please make sure you’ve followed all the correct steps of the plugin you’re attempting to create. Try also to click on “Advanced” tab and then back on “Basic”: this will tell Facebook to search again for the Streaming you’re attempting to create. If you plan to do a Live video longer than 4 hours, make sure to flag "This video is a continuous live video" inside the "Advanced" tab on Facebook.
Add a Title to your streaming and then click “Go Live” in the bottom right of the window. If the plugin requires a tracking of the post, please go on your Facebook page, get the post and find its URL. To get the URL, you need to right-click on the time that passed since the post was published and then on "Open in a New Tab". This will give you the link, as shown in the below image.
Now copy the link of the Post and past it in the correct field inside our procedure. In this way, we’ll be able to monitor the interactions of your users with the Post.