How can I publish on a Page?

Once you have created a LIVE, you'll be able to publish it. This question will show you how to publish on Facebook in Automatic mode. If you want to publish in Manual mode, please, read this FAQ. You can publish immediately or you can schedule a publish in the future. Once you have chosen "Automatic Mode", you'll be able to set the following fields:
  • Title: this is the title of the streaming inside your streaming List.
  • Description: the message inside the Facebook Post, that all your users will see
  • Duration: how long your LIVE will be
  • Publish Again: if your LIVE will be stopped by Facebook, we'll publish it again from scratch automatically.
  • Schedule LIVE: you can decide if you want to publish in a future time/date. Time and Date is relative to the Time Zone of your Device (typically your Time Zone, unless you have set it differently)
  • Add ADV: if you decide to run your LIVE with our Watermark in the bottom-right, we'll give you an extra 10% discount of the total minutes cost.
Once you are done with those fields, you can click on "Choose Facebook Page" and proceed to select the Facebook Page to publish on. If you don't see a page, it means you don't have the permissions to publish on that page. If you think you have the permissions but you don't see the page, please let us know.