Does LIVE have a delay?

Like all streaming providers, Facebook introduce a delay to prevent small interruptions on you users' devices. UpLive servers stream directly to Facebook, that will then stream to your users' devices. Facebook servers will keep a cache of at least 10 seconds, this means, on average, that the final device will experiment a delay of about 10-15 seconds. This value can increase on very slow connections. Even if it seems a very annoying feature, it is instead really useful. In fact you users' devices will get the video almost on real time but will save the "10 next seconds" in case of small network failures. Let's say the mobile connection won't receive data for 2 seconds: if the cache is not present, the user will see a video stopped for 2 seconds. Instead, with cache, users won't even notice this small interruption, since the mobile will reproduce 2 of the 10 seconds saved in his memory, increasing the user experience.