Word Search Puzzle

Make a Facebook LIVE Game where your fans have to find words inside a puzzle of Letters.



Customize the words

You can enter your list of words, in English or any other language. If you don't have a list of words, you can let us choose from the 10k most common english words.

Multiple rounds

You can decide the duration of each round. You can use more sets of words and each set can be played different time. Of course, every time the words will be placed in different positions, so that your users won't feel to be playing the same game twice.

LIVE duration

LIVE can be from 1 minute up to 7 days long. You can choose the duration and you can even extend it after the LIVE has started.

We stream for you!

We'll directly manage the streaming: your PC won't be busy


You can easily schedule your LIVE, so that it will start even if your PC is offline. You can also choose to send notification to your fans, so they will be notified when the LIVE will start.

Don't waste your time!
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