Voting with Hashtags

You can create voting contest where users can vote by writing #hastag in the comments of your Facebook LIVE.



Customize the hashtags

You can choose any hashtag you want. They can be words, numbers, symbols or a combinations of those!

Ask for preferences

Ask your fans to express a preference about everything you want. They will see their vote being counted in real time.

We stream for you!

We'll directly manage the streaming: your PC won't be busy

Music into LIVE

You can insert your favorite music into your LIVE, just make sure it's not copyrighted! We'll play it il loop for you.


You can easily schedule your LIVE, so that it will start even if your PC is offline. You can also choose to send notification to your fans, so they will be notified when the LIVE will start.

LIVE duration

LIVE can be from 1 minute up to 7 days long. You can choose the duration and you can even extend it after the LIVE has started.

Upload a Video

You can add also a video. It can be up too 800 MB in size and up to 1 hour long.

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