11th May 2017
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Word Search Puzzle LIVE on Facebook

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Have you ever played this cool game, maybe on a beach under the sun during the summer? In the 80s' and 90s' was very popular, and you were able to find it in every newsstand around the city. We're talking about Word Search Puzzles. The goal of the game is to find out the hidden words inside a puzzle of letters. The puzzle can vary, from very tiny one to super-complex. Even though technology is changing the world, Word Search Puzzle has always been a game that people are really enjoying. It's simple, funny, keeps your mind trained and reactive and, finally, it's also eco-friendly.

We have seen a different version of that Game in a form of an App that in 2013 became a must-to-have. We're talking about Ruzzle, an app where you had a small amount of time to find words hidden in a puzzle. The words were in english and you were fighting against another player, in 3 rounds. There were bonus and it was really a funny game.
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Now Ruzzle is still an App you can download, even though it has seen better days, in terms of popularity.

Puzzle Word was back in the news at the end of 2015, when an indian guy created a new World Record: a Puzzle of 10,500 words with a total of 129,600 letter.

Now it's the time of use it on Facebook, and the perfect tool to do that it's with UpLive's new plugin Word Search Puzzle. With that plugin, you can create an endless number of different word search puzzles in just a few clicks.

You can choose if you want to use custom sets of words, that we will hide in the puzzle, or to leave that job to us: in this second option, we'll choose 30 from the 10,000 most famous english words. You can set the time for each round and, once all the round have been played, we'll start again from the first one, till the total time of the LIVE (usually 4 hours) have been reached.
Ruzzle Logo Image In fact, you can set up different sets of words, each one can contain up to 30 words. The best results can be obtained adding 10 different sets of words, setting a round timer of 5 minutes and a total timer of 4 hours. Some of our customers reached up to 40,000 comments in 4 hours, using those settings. This because your users will have to write in the comments the words they will find.

Do you need more information or you want a custom version of this pugin? You can always contact us, we'd love to create anything you will request us!
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