30th March 2017
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Why LIVE Games are better than just Voting?

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Everyone knows that LIVE videos are currently used to create voting, but this is just one feature. We as human being are very competitive, we want to show other people we’re better in something. No matter if this is winning a game or a championship, we want to prove something to other people. The process of transofrm LIVEs into Games is called "Gamification". example of gamification

This is the reason that brings LIVE Games in a higher position than LIVE with just voting. With a Game contest users are forced to show they know something more, they have a skill other users don’t have. They will interact to find 5 minutes of glory. In this way we’re creating new games based on LIVE. A Game can be anything from our "Guess What?" contest, to our Word Finder (it works like the famous app RUZZLE). Other Games will be released soon, like Sudoku and much more. Do you have an idea for a game we haven’t developed yet? Contact us, we’ll create it for you un just a few days. Just remember, a game has to be:

  • captivating
  • funny
  • fast and easy to understand
  • with a nice reward

So, have we convinced you that a LIVE Game is much better than a simple LIVE Voting Contest?

Facebook Guess What game example
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