27th April 2017
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How To Grow Your Business Using Facebook Live

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Growing a business nowadays is no longer as difficult compared before. With the rise of technology, there are plenty of gimmicks and other ways that can be considered in order to reach such goal. One of the popular ways that can be taken now is through the use of Facebook LIVE. Compared with writing a blog for a post, using Facebook LIVE is far easier and with more added benefits on the side.

Facebook Live Logo Here are some benefits that businesses can derive from making use of Facebook LIVE as a marketing strategy.

One of the reasons why businesses nowadays are joining the bandwagon of LIVE is for them to be able to interact with their fans. Before, there was the Facebook Page. But today, these two can now complement each other. By Facebook Page, your customers can have access to your specific products and services. And by complementing it with Facebook LIVE, then you are making ways on expanding your business. The best is to move your Business into a Facebook Page and have weekly updates via Facebook LIVE. Or you can have a Q&A sessions with your followers or members of the page. Directing live into a page is way easier since your target audience is already the people who are your fans.

And since we already mentioned the Q&A, making use of a Facebook LIVE is very beneficial for business since it will help greatly in making an archived video answering the common questions at hand with regards to your company and services. In addition, it can be used for faster reference in the future for your new customers.

Sell a product from a Facebook Page Apart from the ease of engagement with customers and an easier way to answer FAQs, a Facebook LIVE will greatly help in providing a sneak peak for your new products. More so, it provides a platform for you to be able to answer some questions from your excited customers. For example, make sure to provide a link for preorder on your LIVE.

LIVE cannot be just Q&A, but you can ask customers for a preference. You can run a poll, asking what they can prefer. Recently, a well know brand launched a Facebook LIVE with this quote "What's the discount you'd like to have?". During the first 3 hours of the LIVE, customers were able to express their preference. Finally, they showed the discount choosen by the customers. It turned out to be super appreciated by them: the power it's in their hands and everyone was able to see the voting increasing in real time.

Ask a customer preference Keeping your customers in the loop would not entail just getting them upfront information that they need. With the Facebook LIVE, you can provide your customers with the inside look of what the business is doing. Nowadays, BTS or behind the scenes are commonly used by businesses to inform and make their customers aware of what’s happening behind the business that they patronize.

Making use of Facebook LIVE will surely help in generating engagement apart from those Facebook ads that we commonly use. Just make sure that if you are going to make use of this tool, to not just do a video, but use all the powers of our Plugins to create unique experience for your customers.

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