10th April 2017
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How to Create Guess What Game in Facebook LIVE

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Facebook LIVE streaming has offered a phenomenal turn out for many businesses in order for them to provide a platform to engage with their customers. But it does not stop there. Facebook has still plenty of things to offer under its sleeves. To find them all, you can use GoUpLive.com which is aiming to help users, specifically businesses using Facebook Live, to have a seamless way of streaming with different streaming type.

Main Image of Guess What Game

The use of GoUpLive is a great way of providing a new way of interaction with businesses and their users. Part of it is also the Facebook Guess What Game. Through this, everyone can create Facebook Live Game where fans will have to guess what’s behind the wall.

For the most part, we know that Facebook LIVE videos are being a go-to marketing strategy in order to get votes or make polls. But our competitiveness is something which makes online users more engaged on what they are doing online. And through the “gamification” of LIVES today, people are left with more avenues to interact with a business and with other people. Plus, the fact that they have the bragging rights aside from the entertainment that they can get.

User winning trophy

No wonder, the Facebook LIVE Guess What is gaining more traction that just the usual LIVE used for voting or polls. With the use of Facebook LIVE Guess What, users are able to show off their skills other than just casting their votes on a poll. Through this, Facebook users will have 5 minutes of glory to show off their skills.

So how does the Facebook LIVE Guess What works?

A brand or business hosting the game can hide an image that they would like their fans or customers guess in the game. Users can join and the winner will appear inside the LIVE. The great thing about this Live Game is that it can be up to 7 days long and you can also schedule it so that you can decide to launch when it's the best moment for your Page. More so, you can add a lively and an engaging music so your customers or fans will have a fun time playing your Facebook LIVE Guess What.

The game is mostly used by many brands and businesses today to engage their customers and fun. After all, the Facebook LIVE Guess what is fast and easy to understand, funny, captivating, and ultimately provides a nice rewards for its winners.

The user has just won the game
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