30th March 2017
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How to Create a Facebook LIVE Poll

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Creating a Facebook LIVE poll hasn’t been so easy. All you need to do is set up the layout with our step-by-step editor tool and nothing more. We will also manage the LIVE from our servers, this means you won’t need to stream it from your computer. But let’s slow down and see what’s exactly a LIVE poll. create a facebook live in just 3 steps

With a LIVE poll, you will ask your user a preference and they’ll answer in two ways:

  • if you are running a reactions poll, your users have to press a reaction to express a vote. “Like” will be related to a choice, and so on
  • if you are running an hashtag voting poll, your users will have to write an hashtag in the comments to vote for one of your choices

Recently Facebook has released a note that discourage the use of Voting with Reactions, instead nothing has been said for Voting with hashtags: there’s nothing to worry about that.

With UpLive you can create either a Voting with Reactions or with Hashtags, you just need to select the correct plugin from the list. If you choose Voting with reactions, the set-up will follow those steps:

  • select a background, that can be either an image or a video. If you choose an image, you can upload also a music MP3 file to be played in loop
  • select the reactions you want to track, and place them where you wish
  • customize the counters and move them around
  • upload the images related to each reaction

The big advantage of UpLive tool is that you can customize everything. If you don’t like the position of an element, you can move it around wherever you want. If a customization is not possible, then you will just need to contact us and we will create a custom plugin with that feature just for you.

Sometime users prefer to upload a background video or image with already the objects to vote inside. If you are good with graphic programs, we suggest you to set up the background and upload it. You will then just need to place the counters and, eventually, the image of reactions. This is an example of a LIVE made with just a background uploaded and the counter placed: MTV Facebook LIVE poll contest

If you chose to use the Voting with Hashtags plugin, the steps are almost the same, with a few differences:

  • you can add a question, and place it where you wish
  • you can add up to 8 hashtags, since in this plugin reactions are not tracked
A user will be able to vote also writing the comment without the hashtag in front of the word. This is another example made with our plugin: example of Facebook Live voting with hashtags

Once this process is completed, you can then publish the LIVE on your Facebook Page in just two steps:

  • set a message to the Post and a duration
  • select the Page on which you want to publish your LIVE
Then you don’t have to worry about nothing. Check your Facebook Page to ensure the the LIVE is as you were expecting, and that’s all. You can even turn off your PC, the Streaming is directly managed by our Servers. If you don’t want to start a LIVE now, you can schedule for the future: once the time has come, we will start the LIVE for you on the page you selected, and you won’t need to be connected! schedule board

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