14th April 2017
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How Do You Create An Original Facebook LIVE Poll?

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Facebook LIVE Polls is another tool from Facebook in leveraging a brand and getting a free market research that business cannot just get anywhere other than from their customers. It has been a hot trend of today that the social media marketing community became gaga over it.

Easy Facebook LIVE While most digital marketing trends are easy to learn and many people can just join the bandwagon, using the Facebook LIVE Poll proves to be quite the otherwise. Well, of course, most people find making a Facebook LIVE Poll as something that is quite hard to practice and maintain. So they would rather look from afar and just see other businesses use it for to their advantage. We have made that extremely simple.

But before we even go into the how of Facebook LIVE Poll, let us go first with the what. For those who are not so familiar with Facebook LIVE Poll, this is actually a video which has some elements to it. And these elements include a question, images which stand for the answer options, the reactions button that users can use to cast their vote, as well as the vote counter that have real-time updates.

Example of Facebook Live Poll with food
Now, let us move over the how part on Facebook LIVE Polls.

In order to do this, you must look for a predefined service on the web that can help you in making a Facebook LIVE Poll. Fortunately, there are quite a few online polling websites which offer such service free or at an affordable rate online. Next is to download OBS. This is a free software that is used for broadcast. This works for Linux OS, Mac OS, as well as Window OS, but you need to be quite technical. Isn’t that boring? Fortunately we do all that for you on our servers and … you will just need to create the Polls! We’ll manage the streaming for you and provide an out of the box tool for everyone.

user that likes the Facebook Live Poll just created
Just a piece of advice though. Make sure that you use a topic that your users will like or that interests them the most. Make a graphically nice poster and write the text for the post. Make sure that it can be easily understood by your fans or customers. Remember, with UpLive there is no technical or programming knowledge needed.

With us you won’t need a high-speed internet connection as well as a good laptop or PC ready. These two would badly affect your poll if one of which will fail … but not with UpLive! You can also decide to schedule the LIVE for the future, without needing to have your PC turned on when the time of the LIVE will come. More so, the live video duration can go from 1 minute to 7 days: quite flexible, isn’t it? It is also advisable that you ask your customers or fans to share your live streaming video or Facebook LIVE Poll in order to get more traction and more target audience will be reached along the way. These are, in one way or another, beneficial for the success of your Facebook LIVE Poll.

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