07th April 2017
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Endless Possibilities With Facebook LIVE Streaming

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What is on Facebook LIVE that makes it so engaging that many people are able to interact easily and purposefully? And why it has been a go-to marketing tool for many businesses and brands in order to market their products and services?

Obviously, we cannot deny the fact that the viewership of LIVE videos is exploding to this day. And as Mark Zuckerberg put it, today is the “Golden Age of Online Video”. As this renaissance is at its height, brands and businesses must already join the bandwagon for them to reap the benefits of Facebook LIVE too.

In fact, a lot of big brands today are making use of Facebook LIVE in order to be ahead of their competitor. After all, Facebook LIVE has a lot of benefits that businesses can derive from it and that they can offer to their customers.

While there are plenty of benefits that business and brands can get from using Facebook LIVE, here are some of the major reasons why a brand must do so.

example of Facebook LIVE program
One of the major reasons why doing Facebook LIVE is something that every business and brand must consider using, is the fact that they can provide a platform for question and answer and to get ideas for their content. Such scenario will give their customers the feeling of instant participation. Along the way, it also helps for businesses to get ideas on what they can do to further their brand with the feedback of their customers and fans. These customer feedbacks are free market research that are directly from the mouths of people who benefit and can still benefit from a business' products and services.

More so, Facebook LIVE is a unique avenue for brands and businesses to connect with each other. There is an instant conversation and engagement that is set for both parties. It just really depends on how businesses make the most to make more people engage on their Facebook LIVE.

Happy customers watching Facebook LIVE
Since we are talking about the customers, using Facebook live is a way for businesses and brands to provide an authentic and powerful experience. So instead of reading lengthy blogs or content, then customers can now be informed or entertained about your business, product, or service, that is more beneficial for them. And once they feel that they are being honored as someone important, it can lead to sales. So it is just a give and take process for both parties.

Moreover, Facebook LIVE for businesses is a great way for brands to be creative in their marketing strategies. There is no right or wrong when it comes to Facebook LIVE. You, as a brand, just need to provide an experience that will get the attention of your customers and make them engage.

It's in the hands of you to create new unique experiences for your users. Since LIVE are good for everything, it's a game of ideas. You can create anything you want, we'd love to create that for you. GoUpLive.com has a set of common used typo of LIVEs (coting, countdown, and son on) but ... our developers can create anything. Just Contact Us and tell us your idea, we'd love to help you creating that, with the best combination of price and flexibility you can find online!
Happy customers watching Facebook LIVE
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