07th April 2017
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Cheap Facebook LIVE Poll for Everyone

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Personal preferences are obviously commonly seen on what people post online specifically on Facebook. Whether you look dog over cats, apples over bananas, or sunrise over sunset. We all have the personal preference that sparks opinion and engagement. And the difference in opinion makes everything quite a little bit more interesting.
Social Interactions And this is the same reason why Facebook LIVE Poll has been very popular recently. And why not? After all, Facebook is all about sharing. More so, making the use of live is obviously a big push for many businesses in order to provide means of polls that are interactive, get information from customers, and ultimately, a means that is generally well-received by the public.

No wonder, businesses nowadays are making use of the Facebook LIVE Poll in order for them to leverage their brand. They are able to get feedback from their customer as a free market research that it beneficial for them and in the comforts of their office via the online world. Fortunately, there are easier ways that businesses can make use of in order to harness the bigger ripe fruits of Facebook LIVE Polls.

Social Interactions One of this is by using predefined service on the web such as LiveReactionsPoll.com. This service is free but ... you will need to use OBS studio, you need to make the publication of your LIVE manually and, most of all, you need to keep your PC on and have technical competence. They have, as well as UpLive, some interesting features like countdown, progress bars, drag and resize counters as well as the puzzle.

If you would like to provide a better live poll experience for your customers, then you can pretty much invest more in it and use UpLive. The great thing, in fact, is that the service provided by GoUpLive.com is the cheapest and most affordable in the market, and can be used by anyone. If you choose to publish in Automatic mode, you won't need technical competence at all!

Using Facebook LIVE Poll in leveraging the brand of your business sums up why it is there in the first place. It makes your customer have a say or opinion on something that directly affects them and that you, as a brand, can change in order to make something better for them. And once that you have something better to offer, then the more sales will come in.

While we are sure that we cannot please all people, we can please a majority of them. And making use of Facebook LIVE Poll will give us a way of pinpointing who is the majority in the polling game.
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